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Peschici Peschici is a characteristic Holiday Homes made of narrow lanes, steps, small squares and white houses, set at the top of a cliff dominating the bay underneath. The most ancient part of the Holiday Homes starts from the port up to the top of the Svevo castle, built in the 10th century to protect Peschici against the continues attacks carried out by the Saracens, and fortified in the 16th century against the Turkish invasion. The Gargano region faced multiple invasions by distant populations which urged the building of the characteristic cost towers especially meant to control the sea. Besides the cost towers in Peschici the spectator can observe the “trabucchi”, a complex wood building set along the seaside and necessary to catch the “passing through” fishes: the last “trabucchi” makers are still working in Peschici.

Peschici and the Gargano:

The Gargano promontory offers an amazing and beautiful natural landscape made of a jagged coastline rich with inlets, sea caves and wide sand beaches. Holydays in Gargano is not only seaside but also nature, culture, history, tradition and art: admire this all in the multifaceted places to visit.

The beaches of Peschici:

The most beautiful beaches of Gargano are around Peschici up to Vieste. From West to East the big sandy inlets in the jagged Gargano coastline are: Peschici Bay at the foot of the ancient Holiday Homes, Procenisco bay east of Peschici; San Nicola bay, Zaiana Bay; Manaccora Bay; Calalunga; Turco Bay; Gusmay Bay, Manacore Bay; Torre dello Sfinale Bay.

Tremiti Isles:

From Easter to September from Peschici you can easily reach the beautiful Tremiti Isles, defined as the “Pearls of the Adriatic Sea”. This is a small archipelago made up of different isles: San Nicola, San Domino, Cretaccio, Caprara and Pianosa ( far more distant from the other ones closer to each other). Rent a boat to take the tour and admire the natural beauties of the Tremiti Isles: you will discover the sea caves and the wonderful beaches only reachable by sea.

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